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    Primary terpenes may differ batch to batch.

    Rare Darkness is a heavily sedating strain that is great for pain relief, stress reduction, and most especially, sleep. The high concentration of b-caryophyllene helps with inflammation throughout the body providing superior relief from chronic symptoms. It provides muscle relaxation for those suffering from restlessness. Primary Terpenes: 1) B-Caryophyllene. Aroma: pepper, spicy, woody, cloves. Symptom relief: GI symptoms, inflammation, muscle spasms, pain. 2) Linalool. Aroma: floral, citrus. Symptom relief: anxiety, convulsions, depression, stress, (especially in combination with high CBD). Primary terpenes may differ batch to batch.

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    One of the best strains!

    • Great for insomnia and relaxation
    • None
    This strain is the best for insomnia and getting a great refreshing night's sleep! The buds are dense & smell and look amazing. This strain also helps stress, anxiety, & depression among other issues.